Upping Your ROI in a Rocky Economy

Learn How Market Demand Equates to Income Opportunity

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Are You a Risk Taker?

Do you play it safe, or do you take the risk needed to reap the rewards you want?

By definition, risk-takers are adventurous, adaptive - even embracing change, and are lifelong learners who study, research, and gather useful information to put to the test when the opportunity presents itself.

The current market trajectory shows a dip; most people become afraid of this and tend to play it safe. The best investors know, however, that this is the perfect opportunity to get in and set themselves up for an amazing return.

Opportunity is knocking now. It’s time to answer.


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Being a good investor also means knowing how to invest wisely.


ECI Development Ltd has been creating high-quality, resort and residential communities across the tropics of Latin America for over 25 years boasting properties in top locations such as Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, and more.


Over the years, we have built a wide array of opportunities and created

Inspired Lifestyles for Adventurous Souls 

Take Control of Your Life. 


Since the borders were opened and it has been made possible for visitors to travel post-Covid, tourism has been on the rise in beautiful countries like Belize and Nicaragua.


With tourism booming in these countries, there are more and more travelers looking for a place to stay.


Now, many are afraid to invest with the current dip in the market, but if you're savvy enough, you can tell where we're headed with this: This is THE BEST time to look at options not only for your personal freedom but for an amazing return.

Join Us as We Discuss:

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The Current State Of The World - Tourism in the Tropics

The growth in the international real estate market, with the effects of Covid-19 on the market, has been tremendous and the opportunity gets even better now. We'll give you hard facts on the booming tourism industry and where it is headed in the coming years.

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ECI Opportunities

Discover opportunities across Latin America that allow you to both diversify your portfolio and enrich your lifestyle. Let the experts fill you in on how to calculate the ROI for your future investment.

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Overseas Living and Must-Ask Questions

The Consumer Resource Guide gives you the inside scoop on what you need to know before investing or owning real estate internationally. Avoid the common pitfalls people make when buying real estate overseas and get the answers to your biggest questions about living abroad.

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Who We Are, What We Do & Where We're Going

Learn about ECI Development, a regional real estate development company operating across Latin America with over 25 years of a proven track record of creating inspired residences for adventurous souls.


With Your Host:  Michael K. Cobb

CEO & Co-Founder, ECI Development Ltd. 

"The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask!"

Assumptions are like filters. They make living easy. I assume the sun will rise tomorrow so I don’t worry about it. Push your radar screen out further. Turn off your filters. Give yourself time and space from the awesome emotional experience of palm trees, margaritas, and friendly sales guys. Process the hard data and do your homework. Look for evidence that contradicts what you want to believe. If you do these things, you’ll work harder, but receive the benefits of a smarter decision.
Evaluating a property or home overseas takes efficiency and effectiveness, and after over two and a half decades of experience, I have also made a ton of mistakes. Some cost me dearly, and I want you to avoid these pitfalls if you can. Because truthfully, "You don't know what you don't know." I'll share with you 15 of the most critical questions you should be asking as you determine how to make such a significant investment in your future and your happiness.
We'll discuss the line of questioning that can lead to new possibilities and unparalleled quality of life experience overseas.


You've thought about this. There's no time to waste.

We are always in a state of flux, and taking risks is important. The future is uncertain, but do it right, and you can reap the rewards whether it be a beautiful, safe, and affordable location that’s perfect for you and your family, or a money-making machine. 

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