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Do you feel the noose of oppression tightening right now? Can you feel the Government taking control of your life? Imagine the security of knowing you have a place to go, a Plan-B country of residence, in the event you need a change of scenery. Do it right, and you will enjoy a beautiful, safe, and affordable location that’s perfect for you. You've thought about this.


You are planning. But will you pull the trigger before it’s too late? The future is uncertain especially now, but your best plans are not enough until you take action.


Please, do what you know is right and important while you still can. Protect yourself and your family with a second residency while building a legacy investment for generations to come. Request your FREE copy of the Residency Resource Guide and find the best destination to plant your flag and protect your biggest asset, you!


Discover Beautiful Belize
Explore Pacific Nicaragua
Find Paradise In Panama

Own Teak & Secure A Second Residency In Paradise

Concerned about the future of your country? So are we. 

Take action today and save yourself the concern by obtaining residency in another country right now.  

Offering one of the easiest and most popular residencies in the world right now, Panama & Nicaragua offer you the chance to easily secure your freedom.   

Panama Teak
Staring under $7,000
Gran Pacifica Teak
Starting under$7,000
Teak visit
Residency Through Teak Ownership
Starting Under $5,000

Own a Tiny Home &
Live Life On Your Terms

Be a part of the Tiny Home revolution & take charge of your lifestyle and live in a community of like-minded people who consider independence and self-reliance some of the most important aspects of life. 

BONUS: Did you know that you can obtain a second residency through ownership of a tiny home?


TES Village
T.E.S. Village
Over-The-Water Homes
EVA_Macaw_model (1)
Eco Village Asuchillo (EVA)
Pacific Beach Tiny Homes
TESB - 05
Freedom Village
Tropical Highland Homes

Discover The Opportunities To
Secure Your Biggest Asset,


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