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If you've ever considered a life outside of your home country, you're not alone.

1 in 10 North Americans says they would like to live or retire offshore one day and become an expatriate. There’s more than one type of expatriate in the world today. Some are people who live temporarily in a country due to work or pursuit of an education. Others are retirees who have chosen to spend their later years living in a country other than the one of your citizenship. Whatever the case may be, there’s no doubt that the banking and investment accounts based in the right offshore location can be a real asset.

Private offshore banking in Belize, Central America offers you a significant number of concrete advantages that you simply cannot get from investing within any American, Canadian, or European based banks. Join us on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, where we will explore easy options to learn about the benefits of having an overseas bank account in Belize. As banking laws vary from country to country, executing due diligence on the laws that apply in the nation where you plan on residing is key. Careful scrutiny will often reveal that opening financial accounts in another country will be to your advantage.

During this webinar, we will review:

The Benefits of Banking in Belize
Belize has a stable growing economy with a zero-tax jurisdiction, and strong bank secrecy laws, which benefits Caye bank clients through increased privacy and confidentiality.
Who Should Open An Account Overseas
Could it be that you’re thinking primarily about your retirement years? Maybe it's that a time deposit account with the right bank would be a great addition to your retirement savings plans. Perhaps the main goal is to build up assets based in the country where you plan on retiring. By defining the primary purpose of having the offshore account, it’s easier to focus on institutions that can help you meet that goal.
The Services Provided by Caye International Bank, Ltd.
From gold loan programs to financing your first home, learn about Caye Bank's many services and protections. One of the aspects of offshore accounts that some overlook is the range of protections that keep the money safe. Not every country offers a lot in the way of protection for their offshore clients. The great thing about Belize though, is that the current banking laws do afford a reasonable amount of protection. Learn more by registering for this webinar.

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Luigi Wewege
Senior VP & Head of Private Banking, Caye International Bank
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Rachel Jensen
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ECI Development