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Wednesday June 2, 2021 At 5PM Eastern Time
Zoom Webinar

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.


Because of the law change, starting August 15th, Friendly Nations Visa applicants will need to provide proof of investing at least $200,000 in the country of Panama.   If this is something you’ve been considering for all the right reasons, now is probably a good time to act, isn’t it?  Own your Teak investment and a Permanent Residency in Panama for only $21,860.

As a modern yet versatile tropical country, Panama has long been a top option for obtaining a second residency. And it will continue to be..... Just soon only for the wealthy and elites.   But you still have time to secure your liberty for a fair price.  Invest now and you'll be saving yourself over $178,000 in fees but still reaping all the benefits of a Panamanian Permanent Residency. 

Register for next week's presentation to explore easy options to ensure your most important asset is protected, yourself. This webinar will help you identify which destination makes the most sense for you and your loved ones to begin exploring. Become one of the many savvy and like-minded folks who are exploring their options and taking advantage of the opportunities now. 

During This Webinar, We Will Review:

Second Residencies 101
Right now, folks ranging from young entrepreneurs to retirees are moving to foreign countries for various reasons, whether it is to live comfortably at a low price, to escape the economic hardships in the United States, or just to experience a new culture. For a majority of countries, it is not necessary that a second passport be obtained in order to live abroad. Instead, a person may acquire a residency card, allotting a specified amount of time for his/her stay in that specific country.
Discover The Wonderful World of Teak
Have you ever wondered what hidden techniques the ultra-wealthy use to generate and steward wealth long term? The secret is simpler than you may think; timber has been a proven investment vehicle owned by the ultra-wealthy for years because of the real value, proven worth and long-term strategy. Today, over 350 folks have already decided to own teak with Teak Hardwoods. Discover ownership opportunities in Latin America with 0-Year Old Teak and 15 Year Old Teak. Own your tropical teak trees in Panama or Nicaragua now & receive a genuine certified teak cutting board for the holidays.
Residency & Other Benefits Of Teak Ownership
Owning Teak means ownership of an agricultural hard asset, combining land and production of a commodity that is in historically high demand. And with the ease and affordability of this Teak for Residency Program, this opportunity is perfect for folks who want to diversify and have options. Obtain residency in Panam or Nicaragua through ownership of your teak parcel for you and your entire family!

Your Host & Residency Expert

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Rachel Jensen
VP of Sales & Marketing, ECI Development