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ECI Development offers affordable luxury residence & resort communities in Central America, providing our clients with various premier lifestyle options from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

ECI delivers inspired residences for adventurous souls. ECI Development is a consumer‑oriented company focused on serving retirees, real estate investors, Digital Nomads, and second homeowners in Latin America.

Our Mission: By 2025, ECI Development will be the leading, holistic real estate development, hospitality, and investment company throughout Latin America, known for creating people-centered communities and vibrant vacation resorts.

Our Vision: To create intentional communities, extraordinary experiences, and generational wealth that elevate the lives of our stakeholders.


Why Choose Us

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ECI is the only multi‑country developer in Latin America serving the middle‑class consumer, delivering a high‑quality home or condominium, and meeting the standards that North Americans have come to expect. We currently operate in 9 Latin America countries in the region – Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, Portugal and Argentina and continue building communities in even more geographies.

If you are tired of the cold and snow, want warm weather retirement and vacation homes; want to enjoy the true community of neighbors and friends especially when moving to a new location, then let ECI Development find the right community for you. Our focus is listening to our clients and helping them find a home.





Our Communities

Take a look at our largest properties in Nicaragua and Belize.  We also have ventures in Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica,  Mexico, El Salvador, Portugal and Argentina.

Gran Pacifica Resort is currently ECI Development’s largest property with clear title to over 3.5 miles (5.8 km) of beach frontage on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

  • A new oceanfront, executive home phase, Santa Barbara, features the largest and most desirable lots and are accessed only from a rear lane.
  • The EVA tiny home neighborhood is a riverside community, just a two minute walk from the renowned Asuchillo surf beach.
  • MILA for short, is the visionary rebranding of Casita Village.
  • Las Perlas Oceanfront Village is an oceanfront condominium resort property.
  • The Playa Pacifica Villa are comfortable with beautiful ocean views.


ECI Development owns three exceptional properties in San Pedro, the main tourism town on both the island and in Belize.

Best Western Grand Baymen Gardens serves an underserved, middle class, residential focused demographic, with an off beach, health and tropical garden setting.

Second Property is currently ECI’s Belize Marriott and Residences Resort under construction

The third property lies across a small bay in West Ambergris. These 4 acres have been slated for Tiny Homes, and single family residences.




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ECI understands that one geography doesn’t fit all clients looking for a home south of the border. Some people prefer a coastal boating community. Others desire the dry, grape‑growing climates. Some like the mountains and eternal spring. Others prefer being on the beach, golfing, and playing tennis.  ECI provides real choice where it matters; in select and unique locations.  

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